Water appears to be the theme of this portrait season and I’m loving it. This senior had a morning session so we headed out to my favorite morning water spot. Very nice young man.


I always love photographing this family. They have come to me every year for a long time. This year they came with hair color! Tons of fun as always. 🙂

This high school senior had dreamt for many years of having her senior pictures taken with this horse who lives in the area. But the problem was that she lives in Nebraska. So they drove from Nebraska for her senior pictures and had a fabulous session at 3-Sisters!

We can squeeze a lot into a family reunion session as you can see by these pictures. This family just loved the idea of getting some mountain river shots so we went to Lair ‘o the Bear and had a wonderful time!

This family is so full of love, you can just feel it emanating from them like a force field. Seriously. I photographed them 9 years ago and was happy to hear they won one of my silent auction packages. The kids have changed just a bit since the last session lol!

Oh my goodness, these cuties were fun and easy to photograph. Happy kids!

Evergreen senior pictures

We did this senior’s session during the smoky period from all the wildfires and the light was just phenomenal! And of course, she did great during her session. 🙂

This family has 8 kids, 3 of which were adopted from Colombia very recently. Such wonderful parents and kids! Really reminded me of the Seven Sisters books and Pa Salt. Anyway it was a great session on their property.

Golden family portraits

Goodness how did I get so far behind in blogging! Time to get on the ball. I really enjoyed this session because I got to see my cousin and meet her husband’s family. So much fun on a beautiful day in Golden!

This sweet little guy just turned one year old and, oh my gosh, he is SO smiley! I thoroughly enjoyed working with him and his mom. ❤