I always love working with this family and this was special because I finally got to meet their latest addition! All kids were super sweet and smiley. ❤

This little guy is almost two! He’s so cute and full of spunky energy. ❤

I loved everything about this session at the Maxwell Falls trail system. Such awesomeness awaits this senior.

Second senior son for this super nice family. I always enjoy working with them!

Evergreen photographer

Beautiful fall colors for this senior/family session!

Conifer senior pictures

This is the last senior for this year (unless another books in the near future). Her mom has been one of my doctors for a while and it was super nice to meet and work with her lovely daughter.

Stem senior

Awesome day, awesome dogs and awesome senior. And the color just lingers on and on at Lair ‘o the Bear!

I get to see this family every year and just love how the kids are so smiley and full of life. This year we visited Lair ‘o the Bear for their annual session.

I’ve been shooting a ton at Lair ‘o the Bear this year and the color has been super nice for a long time there. Got lots of family pictures as well as senior pictures for this client. Great session!

It’s not often I get to photograph identical twins so this session was a real treat. I was happy that I didn’t get the girls confused but I did a lousy job of trying to remember which bad joke I had told to which girl. 😃