Conifer senior pictures

I often encourage my clients to grab some family pics during their senior’s session. Why not, right? I loved working with this family and senior.

Senior pix

Gosh we’ve had amazing weather pretty much day after day. Hope I don’t jinx it! Got fall colors on the horizon. It was fun working with this senior on another gorgeous day!

Evergreen senior pictures

I just love love love how the light caught this lovely senior’s hair. And I’m glad the water is finally going down enough at Lair o’ the Bear to pose folks on the rocks. Great session!!

Look how beautiful this property is with the river running right through it and a perfect lawn. Such an awesome family reunion session!

I’ve been photographing this family for a long time (14 yrs?) and I always enjoy their easy going nature. This time they decided it was time for a family portrait update before their eldest heads off for college in Wisconsin. We did the session at their home and I was treated to a visit with their two Great Danes whom I had never met!

This senior wanted some mountain views so I tried a new spot in an old familiar park and was surprised at the good morning light! Great session!

Moody light

We had the most amazing stormy light for this session. Too bad it included a huge hail storm in the middle of the session. But we persevered and got some great shots!

I’ve had a blast getting to know this mom during our weekly volunteer shift at the local food pantry. Last time I photographed this family, the dog was just a little puppy. This time we included the dog and the cats! Loved this session!

This sweet young lady didn’t get senior pictures so she and her family decided to do them a couple years later and include family pics too. I loved working with her and her family!

Oh my goodness, how cute are these three little ones! The weather forecast was terrible for this session but we decided to forge ahead and hope for the best. And it was awesome!