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This 2 month old baby was so sweet and cute, I could have photographed her all day long!

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I offered to photograph the burned remains of my friends’, David Cottrell and Kristen Moeller’s, home as a record of this unique and difficult time in their lives. They quickly agreed and I was given the opportunity yesterday. As I drove down their road and the green trees abruptly changed to black, I wondered if I could find beauty in the destruction. I decided to challenge myself. Would I be able to use an artist’s eye to see colors and shapes and actually create images of beauty? I set off in the howling wind with ash in my eyes, ears and mouth to photograph the site. So did I find beauty in destruction? Maybe, but it doesn’t matter. Because what I primarily saw was devastation and sorrow. I saw the loss of a beloved home and sanctuary. I saw the acres of nature gone. I saw the loss of three lives in nearby houses just like this one. I saw anger in the accumulation of human error. It was emotionally wrenching to actually be on site – pictures just can’t do it justice. But I know David and Kristin. They are extremely strong people and will certainly turn this into a positive bump in their life path. But I worry for the other victims of this senseless, destructive fire. Here are a few of my favorite images. David and Kristen – I will have many more for you.

Sailboat mast

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