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I’m jazzed to have a studio sample of my senior boy album now and it looks just as great as the senior girl album!

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I just love this picture I took recently of my daughter.   We did this snowy session at my favorite shooting location in Flying J Park while the snow was falling heavily.  We love this picture so much that we are planning to recreate it in the Spring, Summer and Fall.


As my children have turned into teenagers, I have found that I don’t photograph them as often as I used to.  When I pull out my cell phone, I am usually disappointed in the quality of the image.  There is a new camera coming out that is said to have DSLR quality called the Light L16 Compact Camera developed by Light.co.  I have two colleagues in the area who are already on the waiting list.  I am excited by the possibilities of this camera and cannot wait to hear how my friends like it!   #VantagePoint

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Every year I don’t buy my kids’ school pictures and instead take them myself.  Since this school year is almost over, I realized that I needed to get on the ball!  I’ll use one of my daughter’s snowy senior pictures (see previous blog post) for hers but needed a new one of my son.   And he just got a new haircut so now was the time!


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