The first time I photographed this family 10 years ago it was15 degrees! Thankfully this shoot was much warmer. Great family with the sweetest dog ever! 🙂

Since I last photographed this adorable family, they became even more adorable with their 3 month old baby.

This is another of my families that I get to see most years during my Holiday Mini-Session weekend. These kids are always full of smiles and laughter. ❤

This family is one of my frequent fliers and it’s been awesome seeing these sweet kids since they were wee little ones.

These kids were all smiles. They even laughed at my terrible jokes. Such a fun family!

This family was my second holiday mini-session. This year’s outdoor sessions attracted a lot of families that I hadn’t seen in years. I absolutely love seeing these kids growing and changing.

I have held a special holiday mini-session weekend every year in my studio for a long, long time. But this year I decided to hold the sessions outdoors due to Covid. The weather is very erratic this time of year but it worked out well (once I moved all the Sunday morning sessions to Saturday morning due to an incoming wind storm). It was a popular decision because all 13 slots were reserved within 12 hours of announcing them. Here are some of the first family’s pictures.

I’m so excited! While I was taking this young man’s senior pictures, the Red Rocks ranger stopped by to chat and pointed us towards some rocks that you can actually climb on for pictures (shock!). So now I’ve got a whole new spot for pictures. It was fun telling all my bad jokes to this senior and watching him laugh and roll his eyes. Very fun session. 🙂

Long time clients

I’ve been photographing this senior’s family for a long long time since she was a little one. And I blinked and look what happened! I always enjoy working with this family and am looking forward to their family session next spring. ❤

It was really nice working with this quiet beauty at Red Rocks. She ended up with a chilly session but did really well dealing with the cold.