I photographed this lovely senior at the height of the Fall Colors season, one day before an intense winter storm took all the color away. The beauty of the day was magical and she was an absolute pleasure to work with. She is the third senior I’ve photographed from this family and all the kids were just great!


I’m so impressed with this senior boy. He is passionate about Search & Rescue and is heading off to Nursing school with the ultimate goal of being a flight nurse. I loved photographing him and his parents on this beautiful fall day.


Mommy Snuggles

This family comes to me every year and one of our traditions is to do Mommy snuggle pictures and I have to say that I just love those pictures! ❤


Magical senior session

Two magical things happened during this senior girl’s session. First a fox peacefully strolled into a couple of our shots. And second, at the end of the session she was inspired to play her violin since we were in such a beautiful spot on a beautiful day. And wow, her music was just breathtaking! Loved this session!


Misty aspen portraits

This senior had his session scheduled for a day that just had lousy weather. But thankfully he was willing to take a couple pictures in the misty chill before rescheduling. I was excited by the possibility of getting that peak color through fog and I just loved the results! He had a great session just like his sister did a couple years ago.


I was suffering from cuteness overload for days after this session. Loved these two boys and and their sweet grins! ❤


This young man was my son’s best friend in 2nd grade before we moved to a different school. It was great to see him again all grown up! I really enjoyed spending time with him, his Nana, his dog and his truck. 🙂